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One of the most important objectives in developing software is to minimize the number of bugs in your product. Most bugs are usually removed during the alpha and beta phases of software development, but you should test it through the entire building phase.

One of the most important things to do is to get a tester who will run the entire program and reported anything unusual back. You will need to create a test case template so that testers can confirm if the program is free of bugs.

What is a test case?

If you want to use the end-of-life product to its fullest potential, you need to make sure that it’s free of bugs. The best way to find a bug is to have a tester execute a test case as user as possible as possible.

The easiest way to understand it is by looking up the definition of the word in a dictionary. A test case is a set of conditions or variables under which a tester will determine whether a system under test satisfies the requirements.

Creating a test case or a template for it is nothing overcomplicated, but it can take a bit of time. A tester needs to get in touch with a system, which is used for testing of the system. With the help of pre-set conditions, he has to confirm that the end result is correct.

You may have realized that good copywriting is a bit like a scientific method and we would agree. A test case, in the end, is a scientific method for detecting bugs and creating hypotheses about how to remove them. Here are some example:

◉ If the username and password you enter are valid, the login functionality confirms it.

◉ If the user enters a valid username but an invalid password, the test will fail.

◉ Check results when the username field is filled by password field is empty.

From a tester’s perspective, the first thing I’d do is check out if the signing in functions work. Since a test case includes a single sentence, it’s important to be as specific as possible. Most of the time, a tester will need to check a specific thing.

Test Case Samples

What exactly is provided with the Test Case Template package?

Test case templates are generally similar, but will vary depending on the software being tested and the number of requirements. If you’re making a template, make sure that it includes the following:

◉ Test Case ID
◉ Test Scenario
◉ Test Steps
◉ Test Data
◉ Results Expected
◉ Results Received
◉ Confirmation

To understand if a test case is good, you need to know what a good test case should be about. When a tester encounters some part of the system, he should only be testing that part actively. Avoid vague objectives so that testers can focus on finding bugs or issues instead of wasting time.

If you are an investor who provides funds for a project, you should avoid providing generalized objectives for your testers. Instead of that, consider exactly what he should do as well as variants of it. Variants should be used to expose and prevent bugs. Let’s talk about the parts of a test case template.

Test Case Documents Samples

Make sure you have the right information to include while drafting a test case

In the previous section we have explained exactly how we should make test cases. We discussed what the component’s fields would be and what information they would hold. Here are some tips about drafting test cases, as well as other information that you should include.

◉ The structure of the test case must be simple and clear.
◉ You may include any sort of proof or attachments.
◉ Provide a description of what requirement is tested.
◉ Test the system using manual and automated methods with a range of input values.
◉ Providing your actions and expected results enables others to better understand what you are doing.
◉ Be sure to use the active voice

When you’re setting up your test environment, it should be compatible with the site or program under test. For instance, maybe the tester should test part of an intensive game, so the tester needs to have a powerful PC. If the PC isn’t powerful enough for the game, then it could cause problems with the results of testing. We’ve included all of the following info for this test setup:

◉ Defines the version of the system that the tester is using.
◉ You should make sure your computer runs this software.
◉ The system requirements for the software.
◉ In the package, include the software and any other files you will need to run it.
◉ I would recommend adding the prerequisites to your original statement.

What you need to consider in order to write a good test case example?

We have discussed what a test case actually is, which elements a test case will consist out of, and even provided a little extra information to your tester. Before you write your own test case, note the important thing to make a test case is a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

Make it easy to understand

When making a test case example, you should simplify it as much as possible. Never try to overcomplicate your tests, and make sure that they’re easy for all of your team members to understand. If you don’t write the steps, the tester will have no idea how to execute them.

Use assertive language; don’t use unnecessary words; make sure to write concisely. For a tester, executing the software is easier if it has no bugs.

Keep in mind the end user as well

A test case template should also have objectives that ensure customer needs. When you set out the objective that something is to be done or that it must be done, ensure that the end user will really get in contact with it and use it.

If you’re creating a website or an internet forum that resolves around communities, you need to make sure that the future users register and login. When you’re writing a test case template, the first thing to think about is who will be using it.

Avoid repeating the same tests

Once the software has passed the tests for a given area, you should stop giving any additional tests. You can avoid repeating the same test cases by using a proper test ID.

Create a unique identifier for the test you created and add it to your filename. Make sure you can trace the purpose of your ID to its ID name. You can make templates to help with other objectives faster.

Make sure that all software requirements have been met

Another difficult thing is to make sure that the created software is compatible with most systems. If you should test that you can install the software on older operating systems, include that in your test case template.

You should place every single software requirement you are using in your test case example, so that the tester can execute his objective faster. This way you will get more precise results.

Make the ID easy to identify

If you are making a test case for an objective that requires several steps and prerequisites, make sure all of your documents have IDs that are easily identified. If you’re telling the tester to change the settings of his account on the system, he needs to be able to log into this account first.

You can search for a user by their ID and then correct the prerequisite by checking if the user can even log into his account. Before you make an investment , make sure that you can easily know what it is for later.

Make sure you review all of your designs before they go to the test team

However, the more experienced you are with creating test case templates, the easier it will be to create one. If you want to come up with the best possible template, you need to ask your colleagues for feedback.

Your colleagues can also help you discover any defects in your design. Before you send your test case example to your tester, make sure your colleagues and friends review it.

Test Case Examples


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