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What good are receipts if you don’t have a place to put them?

A hotel receipt is a document which a hotel issues to a guest, a supplier, or a client as proof of the goods and services that were rendered.

The name implies that a hotel receipt is an official document issued by hotels to those they transact with. Hotel receipts may also differ from motel receipts, which you would get from motels.

Although the information listed on these receipts may be different, they should include important information about the guest, the hotel, and items purchased.

Hotel receipts are often used to record hotel transactions for guests. Although these papers are small, it is important to be able to record all of the necessary information.

For guests, the receipt serves as their proof in case they need to make any complaints or queries about their stay in the hotel. Also, guests appreciate receiving a hotel receipt template, especially when it’s made professionally and visually appealing. As you can see, these receipts benefit both the establishments and the guests.

Hotel Bills

Here is a list of some of the important things to include on a hotel receipt

You can use a hotel receipt generator or download a template and customize it. Whatever you do, make sure it contains the following information:

  • Name of the guest
  • Address of the guest
  • Contact details of the guest (email address, phone number)
  • Arrival and check-out dates of the guest
  • Room number of the guest
  • Room rate per night
  • Invoice number
  • Payment details (cash, debit or credit)
  • Balance

Did you itemize all of the charges? How much of each charge did they incur, and what is the breakdown of each expense category? In the case of a cash transaction, place these charges under “Debit.” In the case of a credit card transaction, place these charges under “Credit.”

The balance reflects the amount the guest must pay before checking out. At the front of the receipt, make sure to include all of the guest’s basic information along with information about hotel like arrival and checkout dates, room number, more.

A template will also allow your guests to affix their signature. This is important as it serves as a record that the guest had, indeed, availed of the accommodation and all the services stated on the receipt.

You can customize audit report templates so that they will be sent to the different departments in the hotel.

Motel Receipts

Below is a list of guidelines to follow when creating a hotel receipt:

When you make a receipt for a hotel, you have to make it look professional. Otherwise, people might get suspicious and think that you’re giving them a fake receipt from an online generator.

When it comes to hotel receipt templates, there are no set guidelines to follow. But there are some guidelines you may use to guide you as you create the template for your hotel.

  • If you download a template, make sure to customize it as much as you need. If you create a template from scratch, keep in mind that you can design it any way you want.
  • The form below contains all the relevant fields we discussed. Feel free to add other fields as you see fit.
  • Before you design your template, make sure it’s practical. You want to make sure that the information is easy to read and accessible. There are many bad examples of overly-designed audit report templates out there, so keep this in mind.
  • Make sure you retain simple fonts which are easy to read on your receipts . This makes it easier for your guests to decipher the information presented on them so they won’t need to request that you too many questions about the text written on them.
  • Before having your audit report printed, make sure that it is free of typos. This will make the audit report seem professional and trustworthy to the investors.

Fake Hotel Receipts

How can you tell if a hotel receipt is fake?

There are many sites where you can download fake receipts to use for whatever purpose. Here are some tips for telling the fake ones from the real ones:

  • If you find errors in the documents, make sure to clarify the situation with the hotel staff. You can double check their answers by calling or visiting the offices of other hotels in the same chain.
  • Fake receipts often either contain irrelevant information or some of the most basic information isn’t present on the receipt.
  • Before you leave the hotel, ask for another copy of your receipt. If they have no issues about giving you another copy, then the one you have received is not fake.

Although fake receipts do exist, there is a very small chance that a hotel staffer will give you one. Still, you should verify any receipt with the hotel’s staff to ensure its authenticity.

Other types of receipts

There are different types of receipts which you can use to keep track of different kinds of purchases. Receipts come in different forms and you can use them no matter what industry you’re in. If you plan to make more than hotel receipts, here are the other types of receipts you can create:


An original receipt often comes with a notice or order confirmation. It includes basic information like the name of the company, the purchased goods or services, and the payment method used.

A manufacturer may require a customer to provide an audit report as proof that they had purchased the item from that specific manufacturing company.

Credit card slip

If you make a payment using your credit card, you’ll receive a credit card slip. It is usually provided along with the original receipt. Merchants print out these receipts by credit card machines, and they contain a lot of information. They print out two copies. The customer signs one of them and keeps the other one.

Full-page receipt

Many businesses prefer using a full-sheet invoices to printing a range of receipts, as the first option is more convenient, as it doesn’t require wasting time on multiple paperwork.

You may include the basic information the same as with a hotel receipt sans the details about the hotel like the room number, check-in date, and others.

Window tag

The receipts are also used as a proof that the visitors have paid their fee, and hence, have the right to access certain amenities or services. These forms include basic information as well as other details depending on their purpose.


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