A business involved in a lot of communication using mobile or telephones should practice call logging. Data analytics involves collecting, analyzing, evaluating and reporting of data so as to be able to derive useful information from it. You should use a call log template so you can record all the calls which happen each and every day.

A phone call log shows the origin of incoming calls, the destination of outgoing calls, the start time and end time of each call, as well as other information such as the characteristics of each call. The logs are mainly used to register phone calls with a lot more details.

There are many benefits to having a call log

A phone call log template is a document that records details about each phone conversation for your company or organization. The benefits of that help desk software would be very good for you, especially if you get many phone calls each day.

For Controlling Costs
If you have set a budget for telephone usage, it would be helpful for you to keep a log of your calls. You will also need to educate your employees about how to record their phone calls. You can either do this in person or give them an email reminder. While you’re on the line, you’d be able to observe how many calls were made from your organization each day on average or each month.

To Avoid Hacking
The fact that hacking of phone systems is rising again, it’s an unfortunate. People who have evil intentions are hacking into systems , in order to make international calls which could end up being extremely expensive. If you find extra calls which are not part of your log, it’s important to deal with the situation immediately.

To track all sales calls
If your business entails a lot of sales calls, or if your organization needs to make a lot of calls, it’s important to have an organized list of all the people you’ve spoken to and what was discussed. You could use the log to make sure your employees are well-trained, or to track how well your business is doing.

Manage Service Desks
Knowing how many of your customers are communicating with the people who work for you will help you better understand what kind of service they’re getting. The majority of your calls should be to or from actual customers, rather than curiosity-seekers.

Identify strengths and weaknesses
A call log can provide you with concrete evidence of how your employees are operating, enabling you to get rid of the dead weight. Give credit or incentives to those whose performance is excellent and take steps to improve those who have weaknesses. If you have employees, you can make their performance better by training them or coaching them.

Improve customer satisfaction with excellent service
These benefits all work towards the improvement of your company or organization. When it comes to making improvements of any kind, it’s important to consider how to make the whole organization more productive. By improving the skills and capabilities of the staff, their ability to provide better service quality is enhanced as well and when this happens, customer satisfaction increases. We’ve all heard that a happy customer is the best kind of customer, because they will continue to patronize your products and services.

There are a lot of benefits to be gained from a simple system and from creating an efficient phone call log template. Just like that piece of paper and simple document can be used to do a lot of things that you didn’t originally think of. Before we look at how to make your own template, let’s first cover what you can learn by making more log entries.

Printer Friendly Call Log

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You can quickly and easily create a call log template for your personal use

Since you have more information, it’s time to learn how to create a goof call log template. To create a template, use the software of your choice or use Excel. If you use this particular software, it will create a log of your communications on an Excel workbook, which is more organized and more convenient.

Excel comes with templates that include tables that you can sort and assign categories to, such as names, phone numbers, start and end times of calls, and so on. Use the ribbon tools in Excel to make all the content of your logs meaningful.

If you need to change or edit your log, all you need to do is make the changes and then save it as a different file name. If you want to know how to make a template using Microsoft Excel, you should read on.

  • Open the Microsoft Excel software on your computer.
  • Click on the new tab to see the page with selections of template thumbnails.
  • To view your call log, click on the “Search for Online Templates” field and type in call log then press enter to see the display results.
  • After choosing the template, click the “Sales Call Log and Organizer” thumbnail to see a larger version and read more details about what the template is and how it works. When you’re ready to copy the template into a new Excel file, click “Download” or “Create.” It is important to save your document before you start writing, so all your work is saved in case anything unexpected happens.
  • You can click any of the sheet tabs (ex: Client contact info, sales call log, other worksheets) to see what’s there.
  • You can customize the design of your Excel table either by clicking on a single cell or selecting a range of cells. Once you’ve done that, access the “Design” tab on the Table Tools ribbon.
  • To open the table styles gallery, click on More, and then on the Style Gallery tab. Here you will see thumbnails listed under Custom, Light and Medium categories.
  • Select some cells, click the paintbrush icon , and select a style. You can choose a standard typeface and apply it to your whole worksheet so it has a single font.
  • In the Contact Info worksheet, proceed to input your contacts’ names and contact numbers. You can even add secondary phone details if they have other numbers.
  • The Sales Call Log worksheet is where you update the checklist and update the notes for each call.
  • Save your workbook in a location you will find it later.
  • If you want to track sales calls or meetings, Blank Sales Call Log Template or Blank Call Sheet Template will help you organize better. Either print out copies or email the files of the log to them so they can input the information in their own computers.

Call Log Samples

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