A reminder email sample is an effective device to use when running a business. It can be used for a variety of reasons—all equally effective. The biggest problem for beginners is knowing how to write a good quality article. A polite reminder emails should include a tinge of friendliness to ensure that the message is cordially received. The primary objective of this communication is to remind the recipient to do a certain task.

When do you need to send a reminder email?

A reminder email sample needs to be professional as well as friendly in order to be effective. It is important to remember when composing an email that you are dealing with colleagues and consequently, your email should have a professional tone.

This is of special importance for the initial email to a prospective client. The person you are contacting may have overlooked it. If recipients do not respond to the first reminder email, it may be because your message was overlooked. Here are some instances when you should send an email reminder:

Late payments

Payments are the lifeblood of business, and without them, no business can thrive. It’s a good idea to send a reminder when customers don’t pay at the time they’re expected.

Late work

Collaboration is crucial for the success of any project. When an employee doesn’t finish his work on time, it can throw the entire process off schedule. You may want to send a polite reminder emails to these editors in a tactful way explaining that they’re behind schedule.

Late shipment

If your ordered shipments don’t arrive on time, you must notify the seller to make arrangements for the shipment’s arrival. If the item you order is out of stock, you have the right to request a refund.

The recipient’s inaction

It’s acceptable to send such an email to someone if you feel the other party has broken a promise and failed to deliver on time. You may already have sent a friendly email reminding them of your meeting, but they may have overlooked it.

A significant milestone or event is approaching

A well-crafted event reminder email to a client about an upcoming and important milestone or event which requires attendance is a fine thing to send. Please write a gentle and polite reminder about the committee meeting or the marketing proposal deadline.

Polite Reminder Emails

Types of reminder email

A reminder email sample can be used for many different purposes. To increase RSVP rates for events, try an event reminder email sample. This will improve your event marketing emails’ open rate. Writing emails, however easy you may find it to be as a practice, does require some degree of skill and tact.

Friendly Reminder Email Samples

If you want people to read your entire email and increase the likelihood of them attending your event, write a persuasive one. Some of the best types of reminder email samples include the following:


As a good habit, always send information regarding an event like a new chef, speaker, or other details. Invitees will appreciate your informing them about changes. The right event marketing campaign can breathe life into your special event while increasing the open rate of your reminder emails. To get the most out of this format, plan to send the message a few days in advance and save a feature or element of the program. Invitations can then be disseminated and broadcast after posting. Announcement reminders also offer an opportunity to make changes to the program, such as switching the venue at the last minute.


Experiential event planners can provide tips for making your event a success. You can insert a storyline into each e-mail. You can inform guests about what to wear (attire or costumes), how to act, or simply set a mood for the event.


Although a party can speak for itself, convincing people to come is crucial. You can write an email a week before the event with a catchy message which will engage the readers.


You send this type to those running short of time to do something. For example, you can remind those who didn’t respond to your initial invitation to the fast-approaching event date. When sending an invitation, make sure it does not look like you are begging for an RSVP.


An incentive is something that encourages or motivates someone to act. Giving these to people who are influential can encourage them to attend your event. First, you need to know the types of incentives that leverage can provide, and then let your prospects know about them through your emails.

You can encourage attendance at an event by linking the event hashtag to something that sparks curiosity, and not including a button to RSVP. The format below highlights your brand’s “human nature,” reinforces the design elements of your event, and draws the reader in so they will want to read more about it.


This is perhaps the most famous of all the reminder emails. This sentence is clear and concise. It’s also very honest. The writing is quick, too. Use it to remind your friends and family members about an event you think they should attend. This email is for those individuals who the sender values very highly.

Event Reminder Email

Tips for creating successful reminder email messages

It’s recommended that you create a set of reminder email templates for different types of events. Prebuilt messages are convenient tools to use when you need to send a specific kind of message at a particular time. Furthermore, these templates can be customized to include any extra new details.

To start creating your friendly reminder email sample, keep the following tips in mind:

The subject line

After you have prepared your list of email recipients, the next step is to consider the subject line of your reminder. Do not think of skipping the subject line. Messages without the subject line go straight to the Spam folder. A compelling subject line is crucial because it’s what your recipient will see first. If your recipients have many emails arriving in their inboxes, then this part of your message could determine whether they will open it. Therefore, it is important that you get the recipient’s attention.


Never overlook the importance of a salutation. It’s necessary, as it demonstrates your courtesy. When addressing your recipients by name, your email will be received better. You may use a less formal greeting when you know your recipient personally. Regardless, you need a formal letter. Address the recipient by their position if you do not know their name.

Here is the body of the email

It’s time to begin writing the body of your reminder email. Here you would discuss the main message. You may divide your reminder email into the following parts:

First point: You should always begin with a friendly and gentle reminder. A friendly tone keeps the message amiable and pleasant. If you don’t know what to say, mention something pleasant.

Main message: The purpose of this letter is to let you know that I am sending you a reminder. Think carefully about the aspects of your topic you want to address. In my attached letter, I’m reminding you of a late shipment that has long gone past the expected deadline and when you should have received it.

Call to Action: Additionally, be sure to tell the recipient what action you’d like them to take. A reminder email is a request to the recipient to perform the required or desired action. If your shipment is severely delayed, you might prefer to ask for a refund. You can also offer assistance to the recipient in answering questions relevant to the subject matter.

Wrapping up your email reminder

The conclusion of your reminder email is the closing message. No need to go on and on here. One sentence is all you need. Now that you are aware of what you need to come up with, it is time for you to finalize your closing message. If you begin a business informally, then begin a formal business in the same way. Also include your signature on your closing statement.