As a member of any organization, you must follow its policies and procedures. Policies and procedures define the organization’s structure, its compliance with laws and regulations, and the scope of its mission and vision. A policy and procedure template can be used to make decisions and provide a framework for your organization’s activities. Policy and procedure templates provide a structure for meeting and dealing with challenges or problems.

What is a policy and procedure?

Although policies and procedures serve different purposes, they often come together. Policies refer to high-level documents used to define an organization’s culture. To make decisions and to provide a framework for its activities, an organization needs to define structures, methods, and procedures. Procedures are lower-level processes meant to be followed by employees in order to adhere to policies of the organization.

Company Policy Examples

Importance of policy and procedure templates

It is recommended that all organizations have their own policy and procedure templates. This is an important management tool for employees to learn about. All policies and procedures set forth the company’s guidelines and goals. They also communicate proper standards of behavior and action for all of the employees.

All policy and procedure templates contain the company’s best practices, core descriptions of business processes, and standards and methods for employees. Usually, in manual form, a company policy template can help you standardize employee training so that you can concentrate on the growth of the corporation.

Company policy is a means of communicating standards between employers and employees. The following reasons show why this document is important.

It keeps your employees informed

A business requires written guidelines as a reference for daily business process management. When you document standards, you can easily communicate with employees about pertinent information regarding your company’s success. A policy and procedure document helps employees know what to do in any unexpected situation.

Business Incorporation keeps your company protected

Having a policy and procedure template in place can protect your company from employee fraud and legal action. The manual contains the steps necessary for disciplinary actions or other actions in different business predicaments. The document can help company lawyers determine if there are legal problems that need attention or if the company follows state and federal legal requirements.

It helps your company avoid inconsistencies

You can use a well-written company policy template to provide clear instructions for dealing with specific work concerns. Written policies and procedures help the company make impartial and consistent decisions.

Policies And Procedures Templates

Companies can benefit from a policy

All businesses and organizations may benefit from a policies and procedures template. The following are common business fields that benefit from clearly-defined company policy examples:


The manuals here address training, orientation, refusal of work, and time reporting.


For this type, the manual contains policies on tenure, a code of ethics, a credit-hour policy, and other information.


Some examples of these laws include: cellphones for service providers, notice of non-discrimination in health insurance policy, and appointment policies.

Emergency Services and Law Enforcement

Some examples of policies for the department include the drone policy, body camera policy, and emergency communication policy.

Office Management

Some of these privileges include petty cash access, after-hours calls, supply cabinet access, and more.

Policy and procedure manuals are key components to any business

A good policy and procedure characteristics

A policy and procedures template is a document that every organization or business should possess as this ensures clarity in terms of work procedures. In both large and small companies, accurate documentation allows different departments to work more efficiently. A company policy template should possess the following characteristics:


Avoid overly complicated explanations that try to account for every possibility. Each step in a process should serve an important function. But don’t oversimplify things, as doing so could result in leaving out important information.


You should store your template in a common area accessible only to those persons permitted access. You can organize your documents in a filing cabinet, a binder, or even an online shared site.


Develop each activity with concrete measurements in mind. It can be a simple checkbox or as complex as you need it to be.


Policies and procedures may change to meet the needs of the company. This document should be reviewed by people who are not involved in its preparation. After the changes, discard old copies or mark them as superseded.


It is generally advisable to test a procedure before publishing it. If the test succeeds, everyone involved should be able to attest that it was a success.

Company Policy And Procedure Templates