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What is an Executive Summary Exactly?

It’s crucial to have a summary of your business plan that anyone can read. It should be short, but provide all relevant information about your product. If it is too long, readers will skip to the next section of your document.

Readers want the substance right away and not read a summary written by another guy that is too long and does not express the idea of the content.

The executive summary is a business plan chapter whose main aim is to convey information. It does this by first explaining the purpose of your plan and then going into detail about it.

An executive summary is a must for a business plan. It needs to have a very strong pitch to grab your readers’ attention and convince them that you have a great idea that they should invest in. With help of an executive summary you can get across the main points of your project, thus creating a more professional impression on the minds of your readers.

Why you need to Write the Executive Summary?

The executive summary is the most important section of a business plan or any other type of enterprise plan. It usually comprises three paragraphs including the problem, solution, and opportunity. Maybe an executive summary is the only thing that many people want to read. If they find it effective and good enough, they’ll read the rest of the business plan. Otherwise, they won’t.

If you’re showing your business plan to investors, they won’t be interested in the analysis part. They’ll just want to see why you should be getting funding, so it’s important to have a strong executive summary.

When you know that the quality of your article is important, it leads to our next point.

Executive Summary Templates

How to Write an Executive Summary?

Like with bloggers, your executive summary should begin with an attention getter like a humorous anecdote. If you’re invited to present your idea in person (rather than just sending an email), you’ll be able to make a more persuasive pitch.

Tip # 1: Your Pitch Matters Most

First of all, you have to come up with an idea which is convincing. The investors will be convinced by your amazing idea. The purpose of the executive summary is to give your investors a high-level overview of your company. You have to convince them that your business will be a good investment for them.

Tip # 2: Do Not Waste Words

You want to make sure that your executive summary is short and sweet. While there are varying opinions on how long it should be , many experts believe that the executive summary shouldn’t be more than two pages.

In creating an executive summary, one thing to never forget is the purpose of the summary itself. That purpose is to give a summary of your report as a whole. Additionally, you should always keep your summary brief and provide all relevant information.

Tip # 3: Follow the Guidelines of the Structure

Thus, there is no set structure for the executive summary. To add some zing to the document, you can use bullets to present your ideas in a concise manner. That’s when you will attract attention from the clients.

  • You have to include your company’s description summary
  • You have to tell the problem in it
  • You have to tell the solution to the problem you have listed
  • You also have to give the reason why it is appropriate right now

The last part of the executive summary is the financial aspect. This section will detail the risk and reward with a graph. The graph will demonstrate how profitable this business is in a specified time frame.

Tip # 4: Do Not Exaggerate

There are plenty of business owners out there who misuse the terms “best”, “cutting-edge”, “ground breaking”, and “world-class”. This practice does not help to convince investors.

The ultimate goal is to convince them by writing a salesy executive summary and compel them to meet you. If you are called for a meeting with them, you have achieved your first step. To be convincing, use superlatives without exaggeration.

Tip # 5: Write it in the End with a Happy Ending

It’s strange that the summary comes first and is written last, because it takes the form of the door for your business investments. By the time you write the entire document or report, it will be easier to create a summary.

In your executive summary, you should discuss the key highlights, not every detail. And in this section, it is important to give a positive picture of what could happen if they fund your project.

Sample Executive Summary

Do you really understand the purpose of an executive summary?

You shouldn’t just write it without knowing the basics of writing effective executive summaries. Write your summary and then ask yourself if it clearly explains the purpose of the business and its potential for growth.

Do you have a good reason to write the executive summary?

You should write the executive summary if you want an investor to invest. It helps organize and present all your thoughts in a precise manner. Additionally, investors aren’t going to read the whole thing; they want something concise and precise.

Use this template to save time

Business owners and entrepreneurs now often create an executive summary for their business plan template. You can use business plan executive summary templates to make your report more impactful.

It will also enable you to not forget any important details, and to not miss out on any given step. Furthermore, it can act as a guide for your investors who wish to read the summarized version of your plan.


TrainRocket.com helps you document every process and policy in your business so you can onboard, train, and scale faster.

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