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After you’ve conducted several interviews and screened hundreds of applicants, you’ll no doubt be relieved when you finally locate an applicant who meets all your criteria. But there are still plenty of steps to go, especially with onboarding. Use a new hire checklist for onboarding.


The Onboarding Process

Every new employee needs to be oriented with a written collection of procedures and policies that can help them adjust to their role regarding socialization and the tasks they need to accomplish. This is also called “onboarding.

The new hire should be provided with a checklist to make sure that they can get all the information they need about their new job.

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Here’s a List of Things You Need To Do Before Your New Employee Starts

A new hire orientation checklist must also be designed to ensure that the employee’s integration into the company is smooth, with no obstacles or delays in accomplishing his tasks. The process begins even before the new hire’s first day at work:

  • Introduce the new hire to the rest of the employees
    It’s great to welcome someone who starts working for you by sending an email about his/her acceptance. It’s necessary for you to coordinate with your team members about what they expect from you and what you expect from them.
  • As a new worker, you need to fill out all the paperwork
    This is a standard requirement for all new hires. It’s important to ensure that you don’t overwhelm the new hire by making her fill out a lot of new-hire paperwork on day one. You can collect most of that paperwork and account information beforehand and then set it up for the new hire.
  • Set up training, communications, and internal communications for the new hire
    A channel is a way to communicate with people inside the company. To make it easier to communicate, you can create channels for different subjects. For example, there are channels about development, marketing, etc. Setting up login procedures is important, and you should do it before your employee’s first official working day. This will make sure that your new employees can settle in before they begin their permanent positions. Included in the email are instructions on how to access the company’s online training portals.
  • Prepare any new employee forms and the work environment
    Everyone who’s involved with the new hire should be informed about the new employee starting on this date. This includes team members and other related departments. It’s usually part of the supervisor’s job to encourage all the other team members to welcome new hires.

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Here are The Most Important Parts of Your Checklist For New Hires

When a new employee is hired, they need to be able to quickly adjust to their environment. It is important for them to feel secure, and comfortable, especially in his first few days. Most companies have a standard list of things to do when making a new hire. The following are the most common items on that list.

  • Orientation Outline
    New employee orientations vary from one company to another. Some might include introductions to the team, job assignments, and training. Emphasize any unique elements in your orientation program.
  • Employment Contract
    Just as you would need to sign a contract before hiring someone, you should also ask the new hire to sign his employment offer letter.
  • Company Requirements
    To be in compliance with the company’s policies, all new employees are required to review and sign various documents. Before signing any documents, each new employee should be sure to thoroughly understand the content of each document.
  • Legal Requirements
    The exact laws vary across states, although this should be true in most countries. And these regulations get more complicated if the company is in a different country or state and the employee travels abroad.
  • General Information
    There’s always new information you need to address which you can’t put into any of the elements. You can add this information under one section of the employee manual.
  • Personal Information
    It is required that the new hire fill out the emergency contact information. And if they have any allergies or medical conditions, they need to list them for safety purposes. If they have birthdays, let them know it’s okay to share their birthdays.

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Some Steps to Follow When Design a New Hire Checklist

A new hire checklist is an excellent way to make sure you don’t forget anything when introducing new hires, but it is extremely useful if you are new to hiring or have just hired another employee. Here are some tips on how to create your own checklist:

Part 1:

  • If you intend to hire employees, be sure to obtain an EIN first as you will need it for your taxes.
  • To ensure you receive the most benefits from your business, register for a business license with your city or state.
  • You’re required to get worker’s comp if you have a new hire, and there are two ways of doing it: you can get it through a private company or through the state.
  • Depending on the state you reside in and the industry you’re involved in, you need to post these specific notices on this specific notice board. The labor law posters offer information regarding labor standards, labor relations, employment discrimination, and minimum wage laws. Check the website of the US Department of Labor.
  • The State Unemployment Insurance tax rate, better known as SUI, changes annually depending on the employee’s salary. You can check your tax rate online to see if it’s increased or decreased in the past year.


Part 2:

  • If you want to know if the candidate is telling the truth, it’s important to do a background check during the interview.
  • When a new hire fills up the Federal W-4 form, you get a copy of it. Before the new hire begins the job, get him to fill up the Federal W-4 form. This will specify your withholding preferences. The IRS’s form WH-4 can be found on the agency’s website. Completing that form isn’t necessary, but if you’re going to submit one, you should keep a copy of it in your employee’s file.
  • If you live in one of the states that collect state income tax, be certain to complete a W-4 form for your new hire.
  • The new hire must fill out Form I-9. Form I-9 is used to verify the eligibility of the employee to work in the United States. To be eligible for employment, you must be a citizen, an immigrant or have working visa. You don’t need to submit the I-9 form, but you must still keep it in your employee’s file.
  • If you hire someone, you need to register them with the New Hire reporting program of your state. The state needs a registry to make sure that certain policies and procedures are followed.

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