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Many things in our daily lives require maintenance to ensure that they are working properly. Even in the confines of home we maintain our appliances and vehicles regularly to prevent damage or failure. In larger companies, you need more routine maintenance in your equipment. To guarantee accuracy, you have to have someone else verify your work. Later, these people will provide maintenance report forms.

The importance of a maintenance report form for equipment

A maintenance report form is used to document maintenance inspections on equipment. The report describes a process of checking, servicing, and repairing operating equipment so businesses can operate smoothly without interruptions.

To accurately track the records of actions taken to ensure quality and safety, you can use a maintenance report template. Here are some advantages of using such a form:

It helps maintain reliability

To ensure that operating equipment is always made available as needed and in working condition, a preventive maintenance program is used.

It helps ensure safety

Regular checkups done by a professional can help prevent unexpected risks to individuals involved in repairs.

It improves efficiency

Early identification and immediate repair of defective products will save the company time and money.

It promotes good recordkeeping

Regular documentation of equipment repair and diagnostics lets you identify broader trends and helps support investigations in the future.

Maintenance Report Form Templates

How to Create a Maintenance Report Form

A maintenance report form is a written document that clearly states how to carry out a maintenance procedure. It should be both detailed and specific enough so that any technician who performs this job can do it successfully without prior experience or training.

Here are some steps to keep in mind when making this document:

Plan what you want to place in the form first

Before starting a large job, the maintenance planner should meet with all the personnel who performed the same job previously. The planner would then write down the steps on a checklist. This serves as a rough outline that will provide the foundation for the next project.

Include photographs

This step is important for several reasons. Photographs can clear up any misunderstandings or assumptions about a plan. If you have the personnel and equipment, recording the procedure on video will do more to help your client understand the process.

Supervisors are not the best choice for this assignment because they need to supervise their employees. If the reliability engineer is absent, either a clerk or a scheduler can fill his/her position. Companies sometimes assign employees to restricted duty.

Write things down

The maintenance planner should record the actions taken in each step of a safe lockout procedure. When writing this document, the planner must assume that the reader has no knowledge of the plant and its equipment.

The written procedure should be accurate enough that an uninformed person could complete the job by referring only to the maintenance report. A planner should also keep in mind ways to improve the overall operation, not just concentrate on current activities.

A review of this incident may include suggestions regarding future methods. The project planner should evaluate the number of man-hours required to achieve each step.

Create a complete list of parts

Those who would read the report as a guide need to know what parts are included in the list. The list must include all the necessary items, including grades and sizes of nuts, bolts, washers, and other parts.

Create complete lists for experts, supplies, and tools

If special stands or jigs are needed for a job, you should note where they are stored in the maintenance report form. If supplies are in short supply, note that on the inventory log. The same goes for personnel. If you need factory reps or consultants again, seek out the same ones you worked with previously.

Once you have compiled and gathered the necessary data, you are ready to create the maintenance report form template. It is advisable to do this with the whole team in attendance because memories of the experience are fresher that way.

Work Order Templates

Analyzing the maintenance report form

You need to identify problem equipment on a regular basis using a maintenance or work order template. This step will help you correct what’s broken and preserve what still works. The following steps are necessary when analyzing the report:

The maintenance costs of each piece of equipment

The report can be used to estimate the total maintenance costs. Look at this year’s planned and unplanned maintenance costs. It is a good idea not to look at short periods, as equipment requiring heavy maintenance during specific times of the year can skew cost values. The most expensive piece of machinery to maintain is the backhoe. Review the cost and look for anything out of place, filtering it out on your list.

The length of equipment downtime

Review the downtime of equipment from last year. Parts can be unavailable sometimes, and some of the maintenance personnel might have been promoted to other jobs. For this reason, downtime may seem higher for some equipment, because it takes a long time to repair them.

Maintenance work requests and complaints

Review the work requests and complaints for the previous year. When considering a maintenance request, look for the asset that has received the most maintenance requests or most complaints.

Repair Report Templates


TrainRocket.com helps you document every process and policy in your business so you can onboard, train, and scale faster.

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