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In what situations would you need an audit report?

Typically, you can use an audit report template to create three paragraphs.

  • Both the entity’s management and the auditor are responsible for the audit.
  • The scope of the audit report sample in this section.
  • The auditor’s opinion of the financial statements of an entity.

An audit is a complete examination of the accounts of a business, usually by another accounting expert.

It’s important to have a current audit report template on hand if you need it. CPA auditors gather information on the financial health of your company and produce a report based on their findings. Here are some services they may perform for you:

  • Checking up: Accountants and auditors look at your business in a different light than you do. They delve into your numbers and financial history to give you an unbiased opinion, and this information will help you make better business decisions.
  • Reporting: After completing the audit, the CPA creates a report on whether the company was able to prepare its report correctly.

Internal Audit Report Templates

What are the elements of an audit report?

An audit report template is a standard document that summarizes the findings of an audit with the aim of giving important information to those who use financial statements.

Auditor reports are important tools for decision-makers because they influence the perceived value of audited financial statements. All auditors have to be extremely careful in issuing their audit report.

Audit Report Templates are used to ensure that an audit report includes all of the necessary information:

  • The title must mention that the document is an “Audit Report.”
  • Here, you must clearly mention to whom the report is being given to.
  • Here, mention the overall impression you’ve obtained from the audit of your financial statements.
  • My opinion was based on my evaluation of the company’s internal controls and compliance programs, and the results of my financial audits.
  • Another important thing to mention includes other reporting responsibilities that exists.
  • You must make sure that the auditor affixes his signature on the internal audit report template and not in the head of the report.
  • The place of the signature signifies the location of the auditor.
  • The date of the audit report is the date when the auditor signed the report.

This page shows the most basic headings and subheadings to include in your audit report sample. You can include other information too, but make sure that all of it is relevant to the document or the addressee asked for it.

Audit Report Examples

Opinions of audit report

Another type of appraisal small businesses use is an audit report. An audit report contains a company’s liabilities and assets, and it comes from an independent accounting professional.

Your company might hire an external auditor to get an unbiased opinion about its operations, or it might do it internally to keep track of overall operations.

Audit report templates are essential tools in the auditing process. These templates are fundamental in determining the financial health of a company or product. They are also used by companies who seek funding to increase their chances of approval.

You want to be sure that the audit report templates you use are reliable.

Unqualified opinion

An “unqualified opinion” is issued when an auditor determines that all of the financial records are in accordance with GAAP standards.

Generally, unqualified reports come with a title which includes the term “independent” in it. Auditors do this to show that an objective third party prepared the report.

The most important part of the audit report is the opinion section. If the auditor’s opinion is “clean”, it means that the financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles or other criteria.

Qualified opinion

If the company didn’t follow GAAP, then, most likely, it also didn’t maintain its financial records according to other accounting standards. On average, the auditor spends between 60 and 80 hours composing this type of report.

Please see the attached report for your review. In accordance with the audit guidelines, we have also included a separate paragraph in which we explain how we reached our conclusion regarding the audit.

Adverse opinion

The audit report indicates that the company was unable to maintain their financial records according to the GAAP standards. Also, the company provided the auditor with falsely presented financial records.

When your auditor issues an audit report template, you must correct all of your financial statements and then get the reports re-audited.

Disclaimer of opinion

In rare cases, auditors aren’t able to complete an accurate report. This happens for different reasons like an absence of the required financial records. When this occurs, the auditor issues an adverse opinion statement on the financial statements.

Audit Report Samples

Here is a list of tips for writing an audit report template

An internal audit report template is a document issued by a professional auditor after he has completed the auditing process for a company. It contains a detailed summary of the auditor’s findings.

One of the function of audit report templates is to give you an easy way to understand the content of the audit report. Audit report template helps you to learn more about what information you should provide for your audit reports.

Title and Introduction

It is important to organize your document with headings, paragraphs, and a table of contents. Also, be sure to include a disclaimer that your report is objective and impartial.

Please take a look at the attached Audit Report Template. The report template shows what a certified audit report should look like. It’s a good idea to follow this template if you plan to create one yourself.


The auditor must thoroughly examine all of the data provided by the management team. That data must be completely accurate to the best of their knowledge. The management team is responsible for providing all of the documentation necessary for a successful audit of the finances.

The auditor reviews all of the company’s financial data and expresses his opinion on the financial status of the company.

Basis of opinion

Finally, compose the answers to the questions posed by the auditor. Give answers regarding the opinion of your auditor and his audit process. You must also include all of the work-related resources necessary to make this report official.

Audit Report Format


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