Explain the annual report template

An annual report template is a document that should be provided to a corporation’s shareholders in order to explain the corporation’s financial conditions and operations. The annual report design must not be amateurish. Since the front page of the report is the first thing shareholders see, it should make a good impression.

Some annual reports may include several types of media, such as text and graphics. It may also contain financial and operational information.

Annual Report Designs

What exactly do you mean by annual report templates?

An annual report is a formal financial statement that reports on the business’s financial status over the previous year, its current financial situation, what direction they are headed in now, and what they are expecting for the future. Publishing the annual report is mandated by the SEC for all publicly traded companies.

Some companies only provide a few pages of information with their reports, and they are created in an economical way. For such companies, the main purpose of the report submitted to the SEC is to comply with legal requirements.

Finance Report Templates

What information should be included in an annual report?

The first annual report template was published after the stock market crashed in 1929. It’s goal is to provide disclosure of the corporate activities of a company for the previous year to the public.

Each year, the shareholders of the company receive the annual report which they can use to evaluate its financial performance. A typical annual report layout contains the following parts:

  • Accounting policies
  • Auditor’s report
  • Discussion and analysis of the management
  • Financial and operating highlights
  • Financial statements
  • General corporate information
  • Letter from the CEO to the shareholders
  • Narrative text, photos, and graphics
  • Summary of the company’s financial data

Using an annual finance report template helps you evaluate your progress and let others know about the business’s performance. The annual report should contain:

  • The ability of the company to pay debts on time.
  • Whether the company experienced losses or made profits in the last fiscal year.
  • The growth of the company’s over a specific number of years.
  • The amount of earnings the company retains to grow or expand operations.
  • The ratio of the company’s operational expenses to the revenue generated.

Another use of the annual report is to keep track of whether your financial statements remain in compliance with GAAP. The annual report is a vital piece of information and can provide fundamental analysts and other researchers with the details to create a much clearer picture of the company.

Annual Report Covers

For your annual report template, who are you trying to reach?

The primary target audiences of this report are the current shareholders and potential investors, but that’s not the only audience. If you’re not sure which type of annual report template is best, it’s important to consider your target audiences.


There are many purposes why financial reports to employees can be important:

Annual reports are intended to highlight the best qualities of a company, including areas of innovation, teamwork, commitment, and quality.

The annual report can help to foster a sense of community in the company, so all employees feel responsible for the success of each project.

The report is designed to increase the understanding of an employee about the various parts of the company.

The annual report serves as an opportunity for you to understand the different departments within your company and its role in the bigger picture.


The annual report can make your company look more prestigious, which will make customers want to work only with you.

The annual report may help promote the company’s brand by highlighting its core values and corporate objectives.

The report can provide information about the company’s efforts to improve the quality of its manufacturing processes, promote customer satisfaction, and more.


The way stakeholders perceive a company’s financial performance (i.e. its reputation) has a lot to do with the ways companies deal with their communities. In this regard, annual reports can serve as a valuable instrument in elevating the public image of companies.

Many of the annual reports include information about community building activities spearheaded by the company. The main goal is to portray the company as a proactive member of its community.

Annual Report Layouts

Here is an annual report template to help you get started.

When creating your annual report template, look for examples from companies similar to yours. Then you can determine what information the audience would enjoy.

Or, for example, younger crowds might prefer digital documentation, whereas older generations might be more comfortable with a traditional one. Here are some tips to consider when setting up an excellent yearly report template:

Highlight the activities and accomplishments of your company

Try to connect the daily activities your company to its mission statement. Don’t assume that your readers will immediately understand how your activities helped in achieving your mission. Explain patiently how your activities helped in achieving your mission.

Don’t talk too much about internal affairs

Nevertheless, there are still certain things that you think are big accomplishments. True, you may have a high-speed internet connection in your office together with software that does wonders for your work.

These accomplishments contribute to the reader’s ideals and needs, which is who you want influencing your business. You can also include administrative items in this report.

Try not to brag

Don’t focus on your fundraising activities in your annual report: your readers want to know how you’re achieving mission-related results and what they mean for the world. Since you’ve already mentioned your sources of funding in the previous sentence, it’s appropriate to focus on how you used the money this time.

It’s better to put annual report information on the financial section as it allows you to give more details on the achievements of your fundraising campaign.

Include high-quality and relevant photos

It’s important to remember that many people who are tasked with reading your annual report will skip large sections. Photos of you helping others help you stick out more. Your business’ story is fascinating, and you can tell it better by using great photos.

Include personal profiles

Avoid using overused quotes that everyone has heard before. It’s important to write your own stories that focus on real people. Write your annual report highlighting the progress you made, and tell a story about a person who was positively impacted by your organization’s work or a volunteer who contributed time to the cause.

Explain financial information

It is a fact that most readers will skip most of the tables in financial statements, and this means that your primary goal is to make them understand what the tables mean. When an infographic is not possible, a chart may be a clear alternative. Visualize your data in a way that’s easy for people to comprehend.

Where can I find a company’s annual report?


An annual report is a recap of a company’s operations and financial performance during the previous year. It provides information about the plans for the company’s direction in the future. Publicly held companies must publish their annual reports, which they give to investors and other interested parties at the end of the year.