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A capability statement is a written document that outlines one’s skills to provide potential customers either goods, services, or both. Additionally, it demonstrates one’s differentiators, or what sets you apart from the competition. In other words, you should approach a capability statement template similarly to a resume when using it to your benefit for a potential project.

What should the format of statement look like?

This question’s response is dependent on a number of variables. For instance, the competencies you describe on your capability statement may be influenced by the variety and scope of the products or services offered by your business. Additionally, it may be influenced by the use you want to make of your one-page capability statement template. However, often, you have to guarantee that:

The entire capabilities statement reads well and is inviting

Include quality infographics, drawings, or images for your team, merchandise, and services if you can. Before submitting it to the printer, you should also proofread for errors in language and spelling. Misspellings and other even simpler mistakes might turn off potential customers.

The capability statement example clearly displays your logo

This makes logic, just as it would make no sense to offer heavy machinery supplies while your firm sells images of elves, fairies, or other unrelated things. Instead, make sure that your statement prominently displays your brand logo.

The document makes a statement

You don’t know how to create computer visuals that look amazing for your message. Nothing should prevent it from continuing to seem that way. One sensible choice is to work with a qualified graphic designer to create the paper for you.

The document is readily available

Your capability statement template should be accessible and available for download on your business’ website. On other pages of your website, you can link to your statement. It is advised that you bring copies of this material with you when you attend networking events.

You never know, after reading your one-page capability statement form, someone could want to learn more about you. Due to the fact that it already has information about you, this works better than business cards. Additionally, it’s bigger and less likely to be misplaced or mixed up with other business cards they gather at events.

Capability Statement Templates

Guidelines for crafting a strong capabilities statement

A capabilities statement is increasingly becoming a typical document for government agencies to business marketing agencies because it already contains information about you or your company. Contracting work with governmental organizations swings upward. As a result, there is a requirement for accessibility to easily accessible information on the company they interact with.

Companies with sample capability statements provide customers the possibility to present a high-level overview of the services or goods they can offer. Your writing in this document must highlight your company’s expertise and the unique traits that set it apart from the competitors.

You have a better chance of getting contracts over other firms if you have this paper on hand while networking with top government suppliers and contracting authorities. Always keep the following things in mind while you create your capability statement:


You must have a purpose. You can include your statement in the proposal if you write it in response to a government agency. You must consider the demands made in the statement by the government body you are addressing. Additionally, be aware that you might need to discuss the goals of each agency.

Through the strength of the goods and services you want to offer, you must persuade the authorities that your company is capable of executing the task. In some circumstances, your purpose is to network in order to inform contracting officers and suppliers of the benefits your company can provide.

In this situation, it is only appropriate to list all of your company’s major services and advantages in your statement. To help potential contracting officers or partners understand the breadth of your expertise, you must talk about this in a more generalized way.


Your capability statement can be modified to meet the requirements of each unique RFP. This modification, which is dependent on your audience and the size of your firm, is crucial because you must understand and strategically choose which facts about your company you should emphasize and then communicate to each important person involved in government procurement.


Take the initiative to get knowledgeable about all the criteria for the organization you desire to approach. By doing this, you can be confident that your statement’s content will directly address their needs. You must understand the sector of the economy in which your business operates and the potential markets for your services and goods.

Capability Statement Samples

Sections and structure for a capability statement

One of the first things small business entrepreneurs who wish to play in the “big leagues” require is a competent capabilities statement. Keeping in mind what we said before, this document resembles a resume—but one for your business rather than for you. this report:

◉ Is a condensed summary of all the capabilities of the business.
◉ Demonstrates how you may address the client’s particular issue.
◉ Include just the details that are important to the intended client or customer.
◉ Demonstrates how you are unique from and superior to your rivals.
◉ Should always be current, thus you should continue to update it.

On the other hand, this statement is not:

◉ A piece of writing with grammar and spelling mistakes.
◉ A comprehensive history of your business.
◉ Your life narrative since it focuses more on how your company can help the client with their issue.

The majority of businesses in the resource industry now have capability statements as standard practice. Through the websites of resource firms, medium- and small-sized businesses can express their interest in becoming suppliers. They require this document as a prerequisite in order to be eligible.

Here are the formats and sections to use when writing this document:

Core Competencies

These are condensed statements that link your qualifications to the particular needs of the organization. Presenting them in a bullet-point manner is advised. Remember that just the capabilities relevant to the particular agency you are submitting this to should be described here, not all of your company’s capabilities.

Past Performance

You have the chance to discuss pertinent experiences in this part, beginning with the least significant. The capabilities you previously described are strengthened and improved by this way. There, the agency obtains verifiable proof that the organization has previously completed relevant or comparable tasks.


Make sure you express your benefits to the agency’s decision-makers in a clear and concise manner. If not, they might not pick your company over rivals. Describe how your company is unique and why your goods or services are superior than those offered by other companies. Explain your company’s competitive advantage.

The caliber of the goods or services they offer or the degree of knowledge they offer are often the major differentiators for firms. For instance, your business employs technical writers and qualitative researchers with doctorate degrees and expertise in related fields. The main differential in this case is the level of service.

Company Data

In this section, you give further details about your firm, such as its size, how many employees it has, and where it is located. Include a bulleted list of any necessary codes.

Contact Information

When the agency learns about your business and capabilities, provide them your company’s contact information in case they wish to get in touch.

Government Capability Statement Templates


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