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What should include in your statement of need?

A statement of need guides the funder through exactly what your organization does using qualitative data in the form of stories and quantitative data in the form of facts. This need should be included in the mission statement of your nonprofit organization and should not be confused with the goals or objectives that you plan to achieve.

The need statement has to do with addressing real issues that are important to society. It should also be easily understood by the reader.

Claiming that the current situation is the real issue and then proposing your solution as a way to solve it makes it appear as if you are trying to justify your choice of solutions by creating a problem.

Suppose that a recent study revealed that the majority of college students are not getting enough sleep. If students are not getting enough sleep, it will affect their grades, well-being, and performance.

It’s important that you document all of the information you’ve collected during your research. You want to make sure that all of the information includes reliable and reputable sources. Also, make sure you take the most recent information to support your claims.

You need to make sure that your statement follows the guidelines set out by the funders. Don’t include any information which isn’t relevant or you can get in trouble for plagiarism.

Statement Of Financial Need Examples

What does your company plan to accomplish?

Everyone who wants to become a successful grant writer must first understand the problem they’re trying to solve clearly. This and the supporting information make a statement of need template crucial to the whole process.

A business statement of need is a written explanation that defines the problem you are trying to address, describes its implications, and identifies the needs in your community. The business statement of need is the first step in the grant writing process.

Statement Of Needs

The principal purpose of this section is to give the reviewer a clear picture about the general situation of your organization. The more details you can provide, the better.

The main issue

It’s important for you to narrow down the issue that your business will focus on. This will make it easier for you to build your business platform.

Above all, make sure to align your project with the objectives of the funder you would like to ask for funding from. The funder must find your main issue interesting or they will pass on it.

Comparative statistics and data

The document you create must logically resonate in the mind of the funder. To do this, use relevant, recent, and local data you’ve gathered from research. This provides the funder with an overview of your community’s current situation.

In some cases, your project or idea may be innovative and unique, but often you will have to convince a funder that it is good. That means coming up with reasons why the funder should invest the time and money into your project.

Connection with the Heart

Please understand that the board has to make an emotional decision to invest in your project. It’s not enough for them to read your entire business plan with its long list of logical reasons why they should or shouldn’t.

You can’t afford to ignore this issue. It has a major impact on the community, and you must convey this in a way that makes people care. Be sure to have a large portion of your statement be qualitative information.

Emphasize the hurdles

Finally, you must also include clear identification of the challenges or hurdles associated with addressing the main issue. However, your statement of need must be filled with a description for how your solution can help your community address the challenges or gaps they face.

As you can see, this organization has been making slow progress. This will ultimately affect our ability to generate revenue for the organization.

It is essential that you include all the information regarding the need of your project in the Statement of Need. This is important because it will let you ensure that you will get investors immediately when your project is posted online.

Business Need Statements

Here are some tips for writing a great statement of need

As aforementioned, the most important part of the grant writing process is the statement of need template. If you describe the impact and urgency of your project, you can clarify your project.

Examples of specific ideas to include in a business need statement are provided below.

Tell a story

Although the charts, facts, and other data support your statement, personal testimonials which have been well-written will have a more significant impact on funders. The story below speaks about the struggles of celebrities when they started their careers. I hope you can see how much the story changed when I included myself in it.

Hey Small Business Owner! You need to build your customer base by targeting the right customers with the right message. This is where our tools can help you; they will provide you with more leads, better conversion rates, and more sales.

Invest some time before writing the narrative to think about what you want to tell and how it will be told. Think of questions and jot down the answers and ideas. This will help you as you write.

Balance pragmatism with passion

While creating your case, it can be easy to exaggerate the situations. However, you might want to avoid this because it makes your case less believable.

Although some work does fit this category, if your own project doesn’t, it negates the need you’ve identified. Demonstrate the urgency without making your document sound too dramatic.

Make sure it counts

If you want to get a grant from a company or foundation whose main interest doesn’t align with your project, it won’t matter how eloquent you create your document.

Therefore, you must do your research before stating your need. Just like with other documents, the statement of need must have an introduction, three body paragraphs and a strong closing sentence.

Proofread and edit your document as needed

Lastly, you need to invest in editing. Just because you’ve spent a long time on the statement, it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. Before you print, send or submit the document, you should proofread and edit it.

You must make sure that you use plain language and avoid jargon. By proofreading and editing, you’re also making sure that there aren’t any spelling or grammatical errors.

Statement Of Need Samples


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