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We try our best to do things the right way and we want to take notes in a well-arranged manner. But they are different from the ones taken in a very organized manner. You should review your notes on a regular basis. If they are not of help, then it’s better that you don’t take them in the first place.

One of the best ways to take organized notes is taking Cornell notes. If you want to understand more about the value of these notes, read this article.

The Cornell notes are a type of notes taking system that was invented by Walter Pauk back in 1950s. He was an education professor at Cornell University and is currently a writer and consultant. This system was invented by him for taking notes. One of the many popular books sold by this online store is How to Study in College. The Cornell notes taking method, a term coined by a professor in Cornell in 1984, became effective because of this book. There are several details in this book about how to use this method and other study strategies.

The Cornell Notes method requires you to divide a page in three sections: a section for cues, a section for notes, and a section for a summary. The class discussion and the presentation of the instructor. To create a logical flow, leave blank lines between some of the notes to better link up with other details.

Cornell Notes Templates In Word

Students would be allowed to use the cues section to start conversations with classmates who they would like to talk to during the class. If you have to take a test tomorrow, you should use this section as a review. If you have to write a paper, you can use it as a study guide. So this is the third section, the summary section. The three sections are definition, evidence, and summary. This section will help you sum up the most important points if you’re pressed for time.

These sections help organize notes, dividing information vertically on a sheet of paper. One of the best approaches for students who want a successful career is to use the Cornell note-taking format. Cornell notes templates are available at our main website so that you can take help of it and prepare for your exams.

We have Cornell notes templates for you to view online. There are two main types of formats for the Cornell notes templates, modified and genuine. The Cornell note-taking method is a way of taking notes in lectures. The points to be written on the left have to have supporting details on the right. This format is common, whereas the other one is rare.

Cornell Notes Taking System Explained

The Cornell University briefly defines an effective method of using the notes. These are the things that should be included in any Cornell notes template. Students should focus on outlining Cornell notes in order to make the efficient use of the Cornell notes.


As a student, you should record and write everything that you learn. To make the best use of the Cornell notes, you must record the lecture with telegraphic sentences. These are the shorter sentences that consist in only a few words. If you want to write quickly, it’s important to understand these sentences. When you listen to these recorded phrases, you will remember exactly what was explained in the class by your instructor.


After recording the telegraphic sentences, make questions based on the notes on the right hand side. These questions are intended to focus your attention on the relationships among the things in our discussion, to help you understand what has been said in class, to develop your memory, and up to strengthen its continuity. Apart from this, these questions would be good to study during exam days or some time later.


If you come to class early, you should cover the section under the recitation with paper. You should now look over the questions or high-value words in the questions, such as those related to your niche topic. When you get the cue or keyword, just say it out loud or just to yourself and then give an answer.


Asking questions from yourself improve your critical thinking skills. This can help you in understanding the context better and discover new insights. You can ask questions like how they are based on the principles, what the importance of their facts is, how they apply for it and what does it fit inside what you have understood.


After you have made your notes, make sure to review them. To use Cornell notes most effectively, spend at least ten minutes every week and review all your previous notes. Reviewing them regularly would help you to retain the deal, current use as well as later.

Cornell notes are a simple way to take interactive notes. They also help the students review the notes systematically. Those students whose goal is to get good grades will find this note taking method particularly beneficial.

Cornell Notes Samples

Uses of Cornell Notes

Generally speaking, Cornell note taking is useful for students but it can also be used by other people. Some common uses of Cornell notes include:

◉ You can use the Cornell Method for notes on traditional lectures.
◉ You can use them for written communications.
◉ You can use them to create your PowerPoint presentation.

For anyone who wants to take notes, Cornell notes can be a great way of taking notes. These pads are most commonly used by students because they need to take notes more often than other people.

How to Take Cornell Notes?

The Cornell notes taking method is an old one. If you use the Cornell notes, you can improve your study skills, learn academic success, and create knowledge. Follow these steps to take down Cornell notes properly. We have developed the following advice from a student’s perspective.

Mark the Name of the Course

The first thing you should do is to mark the name and date of the course. You should do this consistently to keep your notes organized. This action will make it much easier to learn and keep your course context.

Take Notes on the Bigger Section

To take notes on the largest section, place your hand on the right-hand side of your page. If you’re not quite sure what to share here, then use telegraphic sentences. To understand something, you should use phrases that contain less common words. You should include relevant information in the section.

Use Notes to Read and Listen

When you see that your instructor is telling something really very important, make sure that you look for the most important things in what they are saying. For example, if your instructor comes up saying something that is very important, make sure to underline it.

Ensure to Keep it Simple

Take good notes. They’re the detailed outline you need for keeping track of what the teacher talked about in the lecture. You should always focus on the main points in order to understand the lecture. Instead of writing complete sentences, use bullet points and abbreviations. Otherwise, you’ll have to use the note-taking symbol within the program. The fact remains that you will be able to write quickly.

Write Down General Ideas

When you are taking notes of the lecture, you should only write down the big ideas in the lecture that help you understand the concept. This is a good practice: write everything while taking the notes and then go back and understand it properly.

Let the instructor’s words flow into your head. Then, quickly write down sentences that transmit the same information. This would save you a lot of time and space, as well as build a good understanding. In addition, it would force you to come up with connections between the expressions and presented ideas.

Write Questions

If you don’t understand your situation well enough, you need to ask questions about it. You should make your notes better by adding questions or possible things to research. This will be valuable later, as it will open your mind to new ideas and perspectives.

Edit Notes

Now that you are done writing notes, you should proofread and edit them. There can be parts which can be difficult to read and also there may be parts which seem to make no sense. Make sure to fix and edit them.

Cornell Notes Examples

Cornell Notes Template 21
Cornell Notes Template 22

Avoid the following mistakes when taking Cornell notes

Taking notes is important if you are a student. The content of these notes would later help you in studying for your exams. If you know how to start taking Cornell notes, you should also learn how to avoid making mistakes when taking these notes.


Lectures may get boring at times, but you have to focus if you want to succeed. If you draw in the middle of your lecture notes, it will distract you from the information you are listening to, so make sure that you do not do this. It is just a matter of few hours for us to convert the property. If you understand the lecture, then you can surely draw it.

Mixing Up Things

When you have many courses, you should be making separate notes for every course. Also, keep separate notes for each course you’re taking. Organizing everything separately is a well-known strategy that helps students avoid mixing up things.

Untitled Things

How will you know what your notes are about if you have not given them a title? When you don’t label or provide date to anything on the page, you won’t be able to remember things. It’s important to identify why you should include titles for effective study sessions.

Best Cornell Notes Style

If you’re an avid student and looking for help, we offer Cornell note templates on our main website. You can easily download them and get them printed for taking notes.

Cornell Notes Template 29
Cornell Notes Template 30

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