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Definition of a check request form?

Present a check request form in order to enact a check transaction associated with payments like membership dues, subscriptions, and registrations or honorariums, a reduction of revenues, and so on. Check request forms will contain all information relevant to the transaction, including who the request was made by, the date on which it was made, and more.

It’s important that your check request form contains the right details and that you supply original invoices and other required documents.

Payment Request Forms

Examples of check request form 

A payment request form is a type of document that you can use when you need to transfer funds for refunds, reductions in revenue, and similar transactions. You can use a check request form to get your employees or someone else to reimburse you for expenses you have incurred.

Duplicate Check Request

You are able to use the check request form in order to justify whether or not a person got the check. The introduction of the duplicate check request form has led to a reduction in the number of instances of lost checks and frauds.

PTO Activities Request

If you are the type of employee who is checking purchase orders, expense reports, or other documents, then this form could be very useful for you.

Check Reimbursement Request

Use this form to request reimbursement or refunding of expenses that your company must pay, whether it be medical expenses, travel expenses, or more. In the case of travel expenses, use this form to request the correct reimbursement for costs incurred during travel.

Checkbook Request Form

It’s a convenient way to get a new batch of checks when you need them or replace a checkbook if something happens to it.

Check Payment Request Form

The primary purpose of this form is for you to confirm that your expenses were paid or reimbursed by a company.


Nowadays, business businesses need to have proper papers or filing of business affairs so you can keep track of all your business transactions. While technology has improved by leaps and bounds, it’s still good to have hard copies of your transactions for security and safety purposes.

Money Request Forms

What are the fields that need to be filled in the check request form?

When you use check request forms to request payments, you know that the following information should appear in the form:

  • Date of Request: This is the date that they can access the request.
  • Department Name: This is the form attached to the check.
  • Due Date: Check Request Forms – This refers to the due date of the invoice.
  • Direct Pay: If you want someone to pay the full amount, mark the box with “Y”. If you are willing to accept partial payment, mark the box with “N”
  • Mail Check: If you tick “Y” and mail the tick, you will need to provide “A” and “B” information.
  • Mail Attachment: If the check includes documentation and attachments, tick “Y” or else tick “N”.
  • Payee: This refers to the payee’s full name and address.
  • Vendor ID: Has the vendor, employee or student ID number been assigned?
  • Purpose: The official reason for the payment should be documented in some way.
  • P.O. Number: If the payment has a Purchase Order Number, add it to your spreadsheet right now.
  • Social Security or Tax ID Number: Please provide the tax id number or social security number for the services rendered. And include a w9 form.
  • Approvals: You must sign the form. Also, all the authorized individuals who approve expenses for the budget also must sign it before you can be reimbursed.
  • Account Number to Charge: This is an account number you use to track all of the business expenses charged to.
  • Invoice Number: Please make sure to include the invoice number being paid if there are multiple invoices being paid.
  • Date of Billing: This refers to the billing date of the invoice.
  • Check Amount: This refers to the total amount that you want to invoice.

Accounts Payable Forms

The following is a procedure for using a check request form.

Check request forms are part of the bookkeeping process. They are used for recording all of a company’s manual check requests. This includes accurate recordkeeping and efficient processing, which usually falls on the controller.

When an employee needs a manual check issued to use for certain expenses like picking up items or items for cash on delivery, they should complete a request form with all the relevant information and required personnel approval.

For cases where you will need to mail a check to your vendor, any applicable documentations like order forms and the like, should be attached with the form. These are the procedures to follow:

  • Check request forms are used when submitting invoices for services or purchases. Before submitting the request to the Accounting Officer, all required signatures should be on the check request form.
  • You should send your employees a check or payment request forms for advances, reimbursements, and other items that don’t have an invoice.
  • If you need to include an invoice with the check, include an extra copy.
  • If you have multiple invoices for a single vendor, staple each invoice to the others. Indicate the total number of pages on top if you have multiple-page invoices. Then you can clip the invoices together.
  • Provide all of the necessary information when request a check by using a check request form template.
  • If the request form is for any kind of service or labor and your supplier is neither a corporation nor an “approved” vendor, there is a need to provide the social security number or the federal identification number.
  • A $500 advance needs to be accounted for within 60-days as part of the requirements of the IRS. You must submit any receipts or cash totaling $500 to the accounting department.
  • It’s usually possible to stop payments on checks after they’ve been stolen or lost. To do so, an authorized signer places their signature on the account via a Bank form. The stop payment lasts up to 6 months. If you want to stop payment on a check, you have to contact the bank. However, if you release the stop payment, the check can be paid.

What are some examples of check request forms causing issues?

Check request forms are one way to accommodate rushed payments for suppliers outside the regular process of invoice submission. These situations usually happen when a vendor is unhappy with something. This can make a vendor threaten to put your company’s credit on hold. It can also ruin your relationship with the vendor.

So, if you want to avoid duplicate payments, every time you issue a check, always ask for the filled-up check request form. When you get an invoice to do a three-way match, you can use it to make sure that purchase orders are matched with receipts.

  • There are a few problems with the check request forms we’ve received: Duplicate payments, missing invoice numbers, missing payment amounts, etc.
  • Opened purchase and receiver orders may be treated as unclaimed property if financial statements are already prepared.
  • For example, a dishonest employee may fill out a check request form and then either coerce or convince authorized personnel to sign it or even forge their signature.

Some vendors try to cheat their way to more money by putting threats of credit holds to A/P personnel and make them believe that they were cheated out of money. Considerably, online payments and receipts have become a norm in our day to day dealings. Online payment forms and receipts help to streamline documentation and transactions.