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You can use a policy proposal template for many different purposes, but there’s one effective way to write it. A good policy proposal should pull together all the required information in a persuasive and cohesive manner. If you want your new system or slight advertising change to be approved, you must write a proposal.

Types of policy proposals

People create policies for a specific purpose which is primarily to maintain order and peace in a specific environment. In the past few years, there have been major issues in the workplace that have worsened. These items may affect the workforce to a considerable extent.

These are the reasons why you create a policy proposal template. Those who violate the rules of your policy proposals will be subject to disciplinary actions such as sanctions. You can propose a policy for:

◉ Environmental Policies
◉ Health Policies
◉ HR Policies
◉ New Policies
◉ Policy Changes
◉ Public Policies
◉ Security Policies

This document is intended to address a particular problem. The report should identify this problem and explain its impact on the organization, and then it should propose solutions.

Before creating policy proposals, you must collect information and facts. Include only data that’s credible and relevant to the issue. After the facts are stated, you must identify the problem, determine which audience is affected, and propose a solution.

Once you create a hypothesis, you can support it with valid proof, such as scientific studies or survey statistics. It is also useful to provide your policy proposal template with alternative solutions. However, you still have to show that each solution is helpful and that your argument is well supported with facts.

Consider the following tips when learning how to write a policy proposal:

Make sure it’s relevant

Claiming that there is an issue is easy, but proving this claim may be difficult. The problem you choose to address should have a significant effect on your audience.

Be as specific as you can

If you choose to address a specific issue in your policy proposal, stay focused on that issue throughout. Do not introduce any other issues which aren’t directly related to the central purpose.

Be sure your audience understands the purpose

Policy recommendations often meet opposition, including that of a minority. To avoid confusion, make certain the readers understand your points from your point of view. Explain the need for a policy and the benefits that it will bring to your audience.

Policy Proposal Templates

The following are the parts of a policy proposal

Presenting a policy proposal provides the necessary information to supervisors who then have the ability to make an informed decision regarding your idea. Through this, decision makers can fully understand the consequences of their decisions. This also allows you to create a logical argument by laying out the points you wish to make.

Presenting a well-made proposal to your manager gives the impression that you’re genuinely concerned about the company. Effective policy proposals generally contain the following parts:


The following is a summary of our proposal about the problem, solution, costs and benefits. A writer must identify the reader, just as in any other form of persuasion, and must write convincingly. Appealing to the audience is key to a successful speech.

To ensure the success of your proposal, you must know who will read it. Also, get the name of the person who makes the final decision about publication. Use benefits to persuade your audience using the strongest arguments and facts you can.


Issue is also known as subject, main argument, purpose, background information, importance and problem. The report should answer the following questions:
Who will be affected by the proposal?
Why are you writing the proposal?
Explain how the present situation came about and what factors led to this outcome, focusing on the issues involved.


A solution to a problem describes a step-by-step plan, the benefits, and how to overcome possible obstacles. You may wish to include in your proposal the resumes of any individuals or firms whose expertise may enhance the likelihood of securing funding.

Conclusion of the benefits and costs and the wrap-up

Explain how, even though the cost of the project may appear high, the benefits far outweigh the costs. This is the final opportunity to reinforce your point before moving on, so reiterate the main argument and purpose. Create a breakdown of projected expenses for each part of your project.

In addition, include a breakdown of the benefits to the company in monetary and non-monetary terms. This helps make a convincing case for a return on investment.

Finally, don’t forget to thank the reader for your proposal. Also, supply your contact information. Make sure that the details are clear, so your customers can recognize them clearly.

Policy Proposals Samples

Policy proposal writing guidelines

In general, there are two outcomes when it comes to policy proposals: effectiveness and efficiency. Making changes to a setup is challenging, but writing facts in an official document is an excellent way to present your case. In every policy proposal template, there is a section dedicated to solving a problem.

The document also includes instructions for solving or changing such a problem. You can make writing policy proposals easier by knowing in advance the necessary requirements and the steps to follow. Here are some tips that can help you:

Do research

It is necessary to research your topic and gather information to use when writing a proposal. Be sure to provide any pertinent facts about your idea, as this will make it appear more credible. The facts you cite support the changes you propose and they give you a way to emphasize the policy’s shortcomings.

Come up with a description of the problem

As stated, you should open the proposal by identifying the issue and how it affects your audience. For example, there’s an office practice you believe is ineffective or hinders the efficiency of employees. If you have an issue with the findings of some research, explain your reasons against it and explain why.

Come up with a proposed solution

Propose a solution and also outline your plans for implementing it. For example, on the issue of working remotely, you can outline rules to use for employees who work at home. In addition, you need to outline how to monitor these employees.

Present all of the facts

When presenting facts in your proposal, be sure that they are accurate. The policies of other companies and organizations can be models for your own new policy. You can also use evidence from other sources to support your arguments.

For instance, you can research how other companies have successfully applied a remote workplace concept. Include in your proposal the numbers for employee satisfaction and cost savings at that company. If you need to use visual aids to demonstrate your proposal, do so.

Wrap up your template for a policy proposal

After you finish your proposal, write a concluding paragraph limited to one or two sentences. Here, you can outline the information in your proposal and what you might need to do next.

Cite all of your sources

It’s important to cite all your sources for the factual information in your document. Make sure to include a bibliography page for all the materials you used to write your proposal.

Check your policy proposal template before submitting your policy

To ensure that your writing is persuasive, it’s important to keep your document error-free. Before submitting the final draft of your proposal, make the following checks:

Avoid using technical terms and jargon.

Jargon is a common occurrence in business, but people outside the business world might not understand it. Use simpler words to communicate more effectively with your readers.

Avoid using a passive voice

Avoid passive voice whenever possible. A passive sentence may seem distant to your reader, or even deceptive.

Proofread your proposal

There are many proofreading applications that could help you in editing your proposal. Grammarly is one of the most popular. This tool can detect errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. Sloppy grammar and spelling can lead to a proposal being rejected.


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